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Malaika Charity

A non-profit that operates in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the mission of empowering girls and their communities through education.

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By Cheranne Hack 22 May, 2017

How is your memory? Do you find that it's become increasingly worse over the years, both long and short term? In this article I'm going to tell you what happened when I went for SOUND THERAPY the other day. 

Holistic therapist  Rebecca McCorquerdale  asked if I'd go along as one of her final case studies for sound therapy qualification. It sounded interesting and soothing, and I'm not one to turn down the opportunity of anything holistic, so we booked a date and before I knew it the day had arrived. I was uptight and a bit stressed. I'd had a furniture-related minor head injury the night before and still had a pounding headache, not to mention the 3 glasses of red wine I'd consumed the same evening. Rebecca welcomed me in to the haven of peace and calm she's created at her home, where the aroma of essential oils wafted around in the atmosphere. She seemed so relaxed and serene it was like she floated towards the kitchen to get me a glass of water, whilst I trailed behind feeling rushed, heavy and drained. Of course, the next thing was that I offloaded all my pent up feelings and related the story of the computer sliding off a chest of drawers and hitting me in the head. I was in anxiety mode, worrying that the head injury was never going to heal and would continue to get worse. I tend to get these thoughts that spiral out of control if I let them. Rebecca took it all in her stride. It didn't bring her down to my level. She knew that by the time she'd finished with me, she'd be sending me off in floaty mode just like her. 

Back in the purple holistic haven, I sat on her chaise longue while she leaned on the treatment couch, explaining to me a brief history of sound therapy and how it's used and what it does. She said she'd be drawing on the natural energy from the earth and using the wonderful vibrations of sound from the tuning forks to rebalance my mind, body and spirit. There was also mention of dowsing and chakras. 

Well - not only did Rebecca do all of what was mentioned, but also with these hypnotic sounds she also conjured up something quite unexpected in me. What started to unfold in my mind, once a state of relaxation and calm had been reached, was an unfolding of distant memories. 

My anxious mind started to fight this at first, worrying that when your life's events flash before you, something's up! I reassured myself that this wasn't a 'life flashing before me' scenario. In fact it was all at a leisurely pace. 

I used mindfulness just to bring things 'back in the room' for a while - feeling Rebecca's calm presence at my side, and picturing my bag in the corner of the room. I was still very much here, and we hadn't moved on to another world. So gradually I allowed those memories to flow back in. They weren't in order; they were jumping to different parts of my life - mostly early childhood. The thing that astounds me here is that these are things I have not recollected for a very long time, if at all. In the title of this article I've used the word 'vivid'. It's not an exaggeration. We're talking right down to the fabric, texture and pattern of the pale blue silky embroidered bedspread in my grandmother's spare room in Birmingham; her shoe rack in the wardrobe, filled with shoes that had molded to the shape of her bunions; the geraniums in her conservatory; feeding the fish in her pond, and going to Cannon Hill Park, feeding ducks and seeing red squirrels. Right down to the whole family playing ping pong, and the stale Weetabix she kept in the larder. She died decades ago. I also visited memories of my other grandparents - even the day we left their old home near Tewkesbury and moved to Cheltenham - down to the exact feeling of looking out of the window across the garden and saying goodbye to it. I would have been under 5 years old then. I remembered sitting at the dining table at the flat in Pittville, eating curried mince with potatoes and peas with my grandparents and cousin. We were still so little. I remembered exactly what Nanna said to us when we mashed our potatoes into the sauce: "You're making a right pussy's dinner out of that!" (and she hadn't heard of Hip Hop). 

This trip down memory lane came to the point where tears began to flow. I could feel them rising up in me and this brought me back to being 'in the moment' again, because I suddenly felt conscious of my tears welling up and the slight embarrassment of that. I said this to Rebecca who opened the curtains slightly and said we would 'hold the space' for a while. The tears came and some snivelling too. I didn't feel embarrassed any more. I just felt what a big thing this was to me... all these memories that I didn't think I could ever have accessed again. They were precious. Next came Rebecca's turn for some emotion. When this happened I felt so privileged. It was like time stood still. Everything in our lives leading up to that point had brought us there, and we appreciated it and its depth. Rebecca felt a couple of messages for me that she had to say out loud - something that had cropped into her mind that she felt she had to pass on to me. Something about me being a warrior, and to stand my ground. 

Along with memory-gate, there was also a physical reaction during the tuning forks therapy. A heightened sensitivity in one place, which apparently then gets attuned and balanced by the sound therapy. 

I've certainly felt a lot better ever since. 

I wonder what sound therapy will hold for you?

To discover more about sound therapy you can connect with Rebecca on Facebook:

By Sali Green 12 May, 2017

1)     The Default Diary

The default diary is such a simple but useful way to organise your business and home life. Choose a colour that represents each type of way you spend your time. To give you an example, I use purple for meetings, orange for my Top Dog clients / consultations, green for down time and fun stuff, and blue for admin and my directory clients. When I look at my diary I see at a glance how the day or month is looking. And I make sure there is consistency. So every Wednesday and Friday morning I’m in meetings. Every Monday and Tuesday I’m in the office doing admin and promoting my clients. Thursday I go to appointments, see my mum, etc. I can recommend this if you fancy giving it a try – it works! Let me know how you get on. Thank you Robin Waite for this idea. 

By Sali Green 24 Apr, 2017
How did I stumble across Robin  Waite?

I met Robin briefly when he came along to a business lunch I was organising. Later I connected with him properly when Kat from Sharpfox recommended that he joined our directory. (Thanks Kat!)
I was curious about how he had transitioned from the owner of a branding and web design business to a full-on business coach, so I joined his closed Facebook group ' Online Business Startup ' to get more acquainted, seeing as I was going to be promoting him on social media. I wanted to know what to say about him. One day I had a Facebook notification telling me that Robin Waite was streaming live to the group. I tuned in, listened to a couple of stories he was telling and realised there and then that a business coach isn't just something for other people -this was relevant to me as well. Obviously several other people felt the same because they were commenting on the video as it went along. From then on I was interested to work with Robin more closely, to find out if his tips and guidance would translate well to my own business. It turned out they really could. 

What do we do in the coaching sessions?

My first session was an eye-opener. Robin turned up in his casual look of jeans and t-shirt. I found this more relaxing and friendly than someone in a suit. He was quiet at first, allowing me to waffle on about everything I wanted to talk about, before he steered the conversation around to beneficial questions and issues. He was listening intently to figure me out and find out about me and my business. I was surprised at how long the session was - I had expected one hour but he told me it was going to be 2 hours. This time flew by once we got going. He correctly worked out that I'm a very visual person and used diagrams for illustrating his ideas for me. I realised I had been plodding along with no direction, constantly going up all sorts of dead end paths, procrastinating and being easily distracted. Robin made me realise that it was time to focus, fine-tune my offering and manage my working hours. 

In the monthly sessions that followed we covered all sorts of things - turnover, packages, subscriptions, co-workers, clients, enquiries, 'default diary', time management, social media scheduling, processes, strategy, ideas, branding, passion for what I'm doing, business growth, capacity - to name but a few. These were things that I used to just leave to chance. Now I was beginning to understand them and use them for the benefit of my clients and myself. Lightbulb moments were coming thick and fast. Sometimes they can be fun; sometimes they are harder work because Robin has to listen to me repeating the same old routine and moany things, and detect what I need, turn things around, and send me away feeling positive and excited about the next phase in my work. Robin has the ability to wade through the information overload which washes over him like water off a duck's back, and get to the important points, thinking outside the box, and translating his thoughts and suggestions into something I can easily understand. 

To summarise what we do for the sessions: we meet for a coffee, talk, listen, brainstorm, discuss, decide, and Robin will send me away with a small list of instructions to implement. I am then armed with ideas and improvements to make and I try to do these as soon as possible so that they don't get overlooked. 

What happens as a result?

As a result of a business coaching session with Robin I have plenty of advice from him which needs to sink in. This generally leads to a breakthrough in my thinking and how I go about running my business. Some of the instructions are so simple that I wonder why I didn't think of them myself. Once I put them into place, I see immediate results. This is no exaggeration. These are some of the very solid results that have happened directly from our sessions:

1) My turnover has doubled.
2) I have more enquiries and more clients. (Some of whom are referrals from Robin.)
3) I am more organised and professional.
4) I work towards goals that we have set and see them come to fruition. 
5) I have grown in confidence. 

How can you work with Robin Waite?

You can work with Robin in several ways. His one-to-one coaching sessions are booked up at least a month in advance so you can apply for a breakthrough session and arrange a meeting. You can attend one of Robin's seminars to gain business advice, join his group and read his book ' Online Business Startup '. You can enroll on his e-learning programme .
I have seen the demand for working with Robin steadily grow, so I do suggest making contact to begin your journey to doubling your turnover in 6 months, which will be his aim for you too!

Here's Robin's website so that you can get started:
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