Janie Whittemore
Janie Whittemore, The Healing Company
'I'm so glad that I found Sali. Her commitment to her clients and work ethic is brilliant. She achieves things while others are still thinking about it! She is enormously helpful and makes her clients feel valued. I've only heard great things said about her. iwork4u is what she does, and with great care.' 
Brinsley Forde, MBE
​'Sali Green at iwork4u has been my go to for all things Cheltenham... Sal has worked wonders connecting me with so many people and companies that would have gone under the radar as I work mostly out of London. Sal's knowledge in so many areas of my work means her contribution is invaluable.... Thank You Sali' 
Gareth Hodges, Handyman
'This was the best thing I ever did!' 

Kerry Bonanas, Harvey & Martin
​'Since signing up as Top Dogs, we have had a lot of lovely new clients and loads more interest on social media, it's fab!!'

Angela Colley, GeorgieRose
​'Thank you Hun. All thanks to your helpful feedback kickstarting me into action! x' 

Mehmet Ustok, Vortex Couriers
'For a year I have worked hard to get my small business name out there but I haven't achieved what you have done for me within a week in a whole year so I'm very thankful to you.'

Madelein Street, Street Mortgage Solutions
'Thank you so very much for this. It’s amazing how quickly you’ve managed to get the ball rolling. I am super impressed. X' 
Wendy Murphy, WMMSilver
'You've been brilliant in getting me out there just in the first few hours! Thanks to you, my likes have shot up another 11 overnight! :-)'

J and M Remedieal
Mark Williams, J&M Remedial Surveys
'Just checked new website - very impressed and professional presentationYou have always exceeded my expectations. Thank you.'

Ali Hedworth, Alt Cinematic

'What can we say..?! Since linking up with Sal at iwork4uglos our eyes have been opened to a much more personal type of marketing which connects us with like-minded people and businesses and which has ultimately gained us new clients to work with. We are really chuffed with this service and can't wait to shout about the iwork4u directory with a personal film featuring Sali!'

Jackie Llewelyn-Bowen
'I think you do a great job! Simples! Xx'

Natasha Harwood, BSAVA
'Sali Green provides a valuable efficient service at iwork4uglos. On the occasions I have required to be connected to local people or need more information on a product or service she has always delivered! With a quick response time and professional attention I never feel like I have to chase or worry about my request. Sali is THE person to know in Gloucestershire and should be on every organisation's data list.' 

Fanny Snaith, Financial Freedom Fighter
'Sali Green is just so helpful to me in every way. She is so good at marketing locally. Kathryn Green of The Cotswold Juice Company will also be able to recommend Sali as she is a client. Thanks Sali.' 

Christopher Adamson, The Fruit Group
​'I really do not know what I would do without you in my business life.' 

'Mr Plumberman came round at short notice and fixed my toilet and did a fabulous job and the flush works better than it ever did and a great guy! xx' - Rhonda Dsouza, another satisfied customer from Cheltenham 
Daniella Warner, OMmaZing Chocolates
'Hi Sali, just to say, thank you so much for recommending me! I have lots of new customers coming my way, thanks to you sending my chocolates to them. Cotswold Web is one, also Above the Fold Digital Marketing and Wendy at Travel Expedient. Your friend Miranda Matthews has ordered and so have her friends! I met Kathryn Green of The Cotswold Juice Company a few weeks ago and what a lovely lady she is and her juices are superb too. I'm meeting up with another of your clients in a few weeks' time. They are all such lovely people too! I couldn't do this without you, thank you so much lovely. x' 

Kathryn Green, Cotswold Juice Co
'Sal has had such a positive influence on me and my business and has introduced me to some amazing people. Sal's continued promotion, and huge enthusiasm for my products, has resulted in sales and new contracts that have really helped my business grow. She is phenomenal and I can't thank her enough for all she has done for me.'

Danielle Cole, Cole Accounting
​'I might as well cancel all my other advertising as I get enough work through Sali!'

​Daniella Warner, ​OMmaZing Chocolates
​'Sali is always on the ball, very organised and efficient and will always go that extra mile for you. Thank you Sal for everything you have done for OMmaZing Chocolates. xx' 

Flossie Huck, Wabbey Design
'I can highly recommend Sal. Since I joined the Business Listing package I’ve won a handful of clients; easily paid for itself and Sal is a superb networker and knows everyone and anyone we could ever have a need for.'  

Mandy Stanford, Cheltenham
'Authentic.. Natural .. Well done Sali G for not listening to others and following your own intuition and perception and creating a platform that helps others do the same.. In their business and their way.. it's the 21st Century way... A brave New World XXX' Mande Stanford Intuitive Readings
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