What do you need money for?

  • By Alexis Kaliszewski
  • 17 Mar, 2017


GlosFund  is relaunching soon and iwork4uglos is helping them collect a list of local businesses and projects that want to raise money for all sorts of projects.

For example we have on the list so far:

1)  Lu Farrelle, a local businesswoman who has designed her own ' botaniclean ' eco cleaning products and needs funds to have the product scientifically tested (not on animals) for safety and then bringing them to market.
2) Elley Westbrook  who helps refugees - here she explains in her own words..

'I am trying to raise £10,000 to send a van down to Hot Food Idomeni to be used as rapid response vehicle to feed freezing and extremely hungry refugees. It can be deployed all over Europe where ever there is need. I'd actually like to be able to supply a small fleet... but first things first.
I have launched a just giving page and in less than 24 hours we have raised £580 which is incredibly encouraging. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/elley-westbrook…

Just for a bit of background: I first became involved in the refugee crisis in Europe about 18 months ago when in response to what I was seeing on my television screen I collected a car boot full of aid (it was mad - the TV cameras turned up to the Langton car park and people just bought loads of provisions!) and drove over to the Calais Jungle. I have been involved ever since. At first I tried just getting involved by collecting aid and getting involved with a charity called People in Motion http://www.people-in-motion.co.uk  but I couldn’t stay away and have returned many times to different camps in Northern France, where I have been blown away by the amazing, resilient people. I go whenever I can and have taken the kids to help too. I now have 2 Jungle sons that have made it to the UK and who are now part of our family. They live in two different cities in the UK but just like my birth sons come home at any opportunity.

During my ‘day time job’ life I cook, write recipes and have a couple of magazine columns writing about all things Aga. I also teach new Aga owners how to cook on their cookers. It seems to be two worlds I inhabit that are miles apart!

We can’t change refugees' circumstances very easily, that takes governments, but we can help feed them and we do; we also clothe them and wherever possible we build them shelters. Just recently I have been helping build shelters and fitting little home-made stoves to keep them warm in Northern France. We found five unaccompanied children in the last small camp and were able to get them to local authority safety. Volunteering is an extremely varied experience.'
3) A local woman (me) who wants to raise money to privately Fund Someone's Therapy  
​- I have a list of people who would benefit hugely from this and who are struggling, but cannot afford to get the mindset coaching they need, and the NHS waiting lists are at least 3 months long.
4) A local counsellor who needs to purchase radiators and light boxes for her clients.
The man who is going to help us, and lots of other local people, to raise funds for things like this is James HJ Phelps  of GlosFund .
Email me   sal@iwork4uglos.co.uk   or contact Cheranne Hack  with your project and fundraising needs and we will add you to the list, and start to help you as soon as we can.
Follow GlosFund on   FACEBOOK .

By Sali Green 24 Apr, 2017
How did I stumble across Robin  Waite?

I met Robin briefly when he came along to a business lunch I was organising. Later I connected with him properly when Kat from Sharpfox recommended that he joined our directory. (Thanks Kat!)
I was curious about how he had transitioned from the owner of a branding and web design business to a full-on business coach, so I joined his closed Facebook group ' Online Business Startup ' to get more acquainted, seeing as I was going to be promoting him on social media. I wanted to know what to say about him. One day I had a Facebook notification telling me that Robin Waite was streaming live to the group. I tuned in, listened to a couple of stories he was telling and realised there and then that a business coach isn't just something for other people -this was relevant to me as well. Obviously several other people felt the same because they were commenting on the video as it went along. From then on I was interested to work with Robin more closely, to find out if his tips and guidance would translate well to my own business. It turned out they really could. 

What do we do in the coaching sessions?

My first session was an eye-opener. Robin turned up in his casual look of jeans and t-shirt. I found this more relaxing and friendly than someone in a suit. He was quiet at first, allowing me to waffle on about everything I wanted to talk about, before he steered the conversation around to beneficial questions and issues. He was listening intently to figure me out and find out about me and my business. I was surprised at how long the session was - I had expected one hour but he told me it was going to be 2 hours. This time flew by once we got going. He correctly worked out that I'm a very visual person and used diagrams for illustrating his ideas for me. I realised I had been plodding along with no direction, constantly going up all sorts of dead end paths, procrastinating and being easily distracted. Robin made me realise that it was time to focus, fine-tune my offering and manage my working hours. 

In the monthly sessions that followed we covered all sorts of things - turnover, packages, subscriptions, co-workers, clients, enquiries, 'default diary', time management, social media scheduling, processes, strategy, ideas, branding, passion for what I'm doing, business growth, capacity - to name but a few. These were things that I used to just leave to chance. Now I was beginning to understand them and use them for the benefit of my clients and myself. Lightbulb moments were coming thick and fast. Sometimes they can be fun; sometimes they are harder work because Robin has to listen to me repeating the same old routine and moany things, and detect what I need, turn things around, and send me away feeling positive and excited about the next phase in my work. Robin has the ability to wade through the information overload which washes over him like water off a duck's back, and get to the important points, thinking outside the box, and translating his thoughts and suggestions into something I can easily understand. 

To summarise what we do for the sessions: we meet for a coffee, talk, listen, brainstorm, discuss, decide, and Robin will send me away with a small list of instructions to implement. I am then armed with ideas and improvements to make and I try to do these as soon as possible so that they don't get overlooked. 

What happens as a result?

As a result of a business coaching session with Robin I have plenty of advice from him which needs to sink in. This generally leads to a breakthrough in my thinking and how I go about running my business. Some of the instructions are so simple that I wonder why I didn't think of them myself. Once I put them into place, I see immediate results. This is no exaggeration. These are some of the very solid results that have happened directly from our sessions:

1) My turnover has doubled.
2) I have more enquiries and more clients. (Some of whom are referrals from Robin.)
3) I am more organised and professional.
4) I work towards goals that we have set and see them come to fruition. 
5) I have grown in confidence. 

How can you work with Robin Waite?

You can work with Robin in several ways. His one-to-one coaching sessions are booked up at least a month in advance so you can apply for a breakthrough session and arrange a meeting. You can attend one of Robin's seminars to gain business advice, join his group and read his book ' Online Business Startup '. You can enroll on his e-learning programme .
I have seen the demand for working with Robin steadily grow, so I do suggest making contact to begin your journey to doubling your turnover in 6 months, which will be his aim for you too!

Here's Robin's website so that you can get started:  https://robinwaite.com/
By Sali Green 20 Apr, 2017

Experiencing a career setback - such as reduncancy, being passed over for a promotion, or dealing with changes in your job description - can feel overwhelming. You may feel a little lost at times, and your self-esteem may have taken a hit. Depending on the situation, you may either feel undervalued or completely expendable, both of which can take a toll on your mood and even your physical health.

The good news is that there are some things you can do to take control of your career and, by extension, your life. It’s important to remember that you are valuable, and if you’re ready to change things up and strike out on your own, there are some simple ways to get started. Here are some of the best.

Take some time

One of the first things you should do after your experience is to take some time away from things. Whether it’s for a weekend getaway or just a day off, carve some time out of your schedule to focus on yourself and your needs and take a breath. This is especially important if you’re feeling low; getting away from things for a bit will allow you to calm down, reset, and potentially start a plan for the next move.

Figure out your goals

Your goals may have changed since your setback, or maybe you’re not even sure what they are at the moment. That’s okay! It’s normal to feel as though you’re floundering for a moment after an upheaval of your professional life. The key is to sit down and think about what you want to do next, and be honest with yourself. Do you really want to start sending out resumes to similar companies or confront your boss about why your co-worker received a big promotion over you, or would you rather strike out on your own and start a business? Think about what it would take to make you happy.

Make a plan

Mapping out a plan for your next career move can feel overwhelming, but remember, you’re just in the planning stages. This is the fun part! You can really get creative here. Do you have a skill or a service you can provide? Are you arty or good with cake decorating? There are plenty of online outlets for your business; the key is narrowing down what you want to do. Once you have a few ideas, do some research to find out what similar businesses might exist in your area and think about how your business would differ. Standing out in the crowd is a big part of starting your own company.

This is a good time to start thinking about whether you want to go into business alone or with a partner . This can be a good friend or a loved one, but it should be someone you trust and have a good rapport with. Starting a business can be a stressful undertaking, and you’ll need someone there who will have your back and can pick up the slack when you need a break.

Think about your online presence

Whether you’re going to have a bricks-and-mortar store or an online-only presence, it’s important to think about how you’re going to attract customers and what you want the design of your business to be, both inside and out. If you plan on opening an online shop, it’s essential to have an effective website for your business . You will also want to maintain a good social media presence, which means opening and keeping up with accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at the very least to keep customers engaged and to attract new fans. The same is true if you plan on being an online-only business.

Talk to someone who’s done it

It will be extremely helpful if you can speak to someone who has experience in opening up their own business, whether it’s a local business owner or an individual who has started their own company online. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and request some advice on getting started; you never know where the great ideas will come from!

Moving away from a career you’ve worked hard to build is never an easy decision; however, it comes down to your desire to create a future that is both sustainable and can make you happy, and that’s never a bad thing. With a good plan and a little time, you can build something new that you can be proud of.

About Jason

Jason Lewis is a personal trainer in Delaware. In 2002 he became the primary caretaker for his mother after her surgery. He realised, as he helped her with her recovery, there is a special need for trainers that can assist the seniors in our communities. Jason worked with his mother’s doctor, as well as other personal trainers, to create programs that are considerate to the special health needs of those over the age of 65.


For a personal training in Cheltenham we recommend Sam at Hands On Wellbeing Centre

By Sali Green 13 Apr, 2017

People who inspire

Our emergency services are sometimes described as angels. Following the fatal accident in Cheltenham, it was reported that passers-by have praised the emergency services who attended the scene and tried so hard to help Anna Rys. Also recently at the Houses of Parliament attack, doctors bravely ran towards the scene, knowing how dangerous it might be for them. We are so lucky to have these people serving the community every day, putting the lives of others before their own.

Someone else who has been an inspiring person in his own individual, eccentric way is Dancing Ken. If you have been in Cheltenham a while you are bound to have seen him. Ken created his own style and stuck to it - a bright, quirky, friendly and much loved man who over the years is believed to have raised close to a million pounds for charity. He was a great supporter of Cheltenham's animal shelter and a lover of live music who also got involved in politics, standing for parliament in the 2005 general election. I have a feeling that wasn't such a silly idea and he'd have been a more considerate politician than some of the people we see being voted in to power. Ken died in April, aged 81 - may he rest in peace, and we send love to his family.

By Alexis Kaliszewski 17 Mar, 2017
GlosFund  is relaunching soon and iwork4uglos is helping them collect a list of local businesses and projects that want to raise money for all sorts of projects.

For example we have on the list so far:

1)  Lu Farrelle, a local businesswoman who has designed her own ' botaniclean ' eco cleaning products and needs funds to have the product scientifically tested (not on animals) for safety and then bringing them to market.
By Alexis Kaliszewski 17 Mar, 2017
I'm inspired by people who have a positive energy, are kind and know how to listen and be calm. With friends I've been watching The Kindness Diaries where an ex London stockbroker rides his yellow bike (with sidecar) called Kindness One around the world, searching for the good in humanity. He takes no money with him (although he has a camera crew) and relies on people's kindness for his food and a place to stay. In some cases he and the crew decide to give something special back, such as toys, books, medicine and a water filter to an orphanage. It's a good watch, and so heartwarming to see the pure kindness in action. Who inspires you?
By Alexis Kaliszewski 22 Feb, 2017

Have you ever felt like your life is just, not where you’d like it to be? You’re making ‘to do’ lists, investing your energy into nurturing your ideas and plans but you have not seen a single sign of growth or return? It can often feel like that for all of us – this time of year especially, regardless of your career or ambition.

It’s a new year, which means we’ve (most likely) broken our unrealistic resolutions, and still haven’t been back to the gym. Our intentions are good, but good intentions don’t bring results. We then find ourselves at a cross roads, but it’s up to us to take action on opportunity, and get motivated to move! To find fulfilment in doing whatever it is we enjoy, while hopefully improving the lives of others is a good place to start.

That’s where I was three years ago. Having left my job in car sales in 2007 to work for myself in car trading, I still felt yet to find my purpose. I assumed that I would be happy by continuing to work within the motor industry, and I was on the right road, but buying and selling still just wasn’t for me – and the term ‘salesman’ certainly didn’t ring true in my case.

Car Helpers   was still a mere idea while I continued to drift along in sales, although I was happy to not be working for someone else, on someone else’s dream. I used to be that grey-faced man in a suit and tie wishing it was five past five on a Friday evening. I had everything I needed but I knew something needed to change. Ironically, it was while living in those shallow waters I felt like I was drowning. I was over my head in sales targets, when all I wanted to do was talk about cars and offer my advice without an agenda.

I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life, whilst making a positive impact on the lives of others. But I questioned my options, ‘how could I help? What could I do?’ Well, I knew about two things – cars and counselling! I have, after all, always possessed an insatiable obsession with cars, and my knowledge of automobiles is hard pressed to beat. When I tell you my favourite car is the Porsche 911, I hope that resonates with my fellow car enthusiasts – isn’t she a beauty?!

By Alexis Kaliszewski 16 Dec, 2016

I’ve recently had an epiphany about the way I run   Carhelpers , and I feel it’s important to share my revelation with you. Perhaps it’s due to my admittedly heartfelt approach to work, or that I’ve gained some fresh perspective on life and what matters most to me. Either way, things are changing for the better here at   Carhelpers   and I want to tell you why; you simply decide what my service is worth to you.

Let me explain…

As many of you know, my interest in cars is more of an obsession and from a young age I knew I would work in the industry. Being a car adviser has been the perfect career choice for me. I am able to combine my love for cars whilst striving to provide reliable and impartial advice. Working in the motor trade is the ideal opportunity for me to help people find the right car for them, whilst also saving them from being sold the wrong car.

The majority of sales people are genuine, caring individuals who only have your best interest at heart. I don’t believe there is anything wrong in selling if you are transparent and honest about what you are selling, although sadly there are those that see pound signs as soon as you enter their office. A customer often approaches buying a car from a very defensive standpoint, being wary that they are going to be miss-sold a motor that could be a drain on their resources; both financially and emotionally.

Honest, personable salesmen like Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy are examples to us all, often preaching the belief that you should never sell anything that you wouldn’t sell to your own mother. Some people even like to by cars with faults and fix them to sell on – which I totally stand by!

By Alexis Kaliszewski 30 Nov, 2016

iwork4uglos  is a busy directory which lists and promotes lovely local businesses for £10 a month. If you don’t have an advertising budget but would like to take advantage of our trusted, friendly community, then read our list of tips on how to market your business free of charge.

  1. Take part in groups

Cheltenham Noticeboard ,   iwork4u Community   and   Local Business Network   are examples of Facebook groups you can join and post about your business, but remember to READ THE RULES of each group before posting.

  1. Add your event to our calendar

www.iwork4uglos.co.uk/events/community/add . Remember to include a featured image to draw attention to your event. Allow 1-2 days while we proof, approve and share your event.

  1. Go along to a networking event

Face to face is one of the best ways to grow relationships, gain trust and meet potential customers.

  1. Like or follow local businesses on social media

They will often like and follow back, and this grows your audience.

  1. Share people’s posts

If you like something – share it! Tag the person and/or their business in and this could start a conversation, engagement or interaction.

  1. Donate a raffle prize or goodie bag freebies

If you give a prize you will usually be mentioned or thanked by the event organisers and they will allow you to put your leaflet or brochure with the prize or freebies.

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