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By Sali Green 21 Dec, 2017
​​I'm sure you've read more than enough advice on how to have a 'New Year, New You', so instead I've put together a list of Business Tips you may want to make use of. I've learnt these by looking after over 100 clients in 2017, by having sessions with business coaches and by committing to continuous self development and learning through reading books, attending workshops and watching talks. I've narrowed it down to just a few quick ones that you can easily implement into your work however long you've been doing it for.

1. Do More Instagram
Instagram is very popular - you don't need reminding of that. If you're in business it's a great platform for telling your story and showing off your wares. Make it attractive and be sure to share your website link. Be consistent with your message and your branding. Follow people who interest you and they will probably follow you back. Learn how to get the best from Instagram by coming to our Instagram Breakfast .
By Sali Green 15 Dec, 2017
As a happily married woman and an experienced counsellor specialising in dating and relationships, Rachael Blackmore found she was coming across the following pain points in single people:

  • Wanting a meaningful relationship but being afraid of getting close
  • Feeling ‘There’s something wrong with me’
  • Low self-worth / confidence / self esteem 
  • Fear of rejection
  • Loneliness / feeling alone
  • Friends all getting married
  • Losing hope
  • Feeling like it will never happen for them / they’ll be single forever
  • Fed up of dating sites / being treated like a ‘hook up’
  • Don’t like the holiday seasons – Christmas / Valentine's day etc
  • Sick of waiting for the right man to just ‘appear’
  • Affecting emotional health – depressed / low / frustrated / on their mind all the time

Rachael decided to create an online course to help people gain valuable insights and clarity about what goes on for them in relationships and why they haven't worked in the past. She enables them to become ready to attract The One so that they can finally experience unconditional love, have that special someone with whom they can share life's ups and downs, and who they can see themselves happily and contentedly growing old with.

The course has been written to help specifically with:
  • Understanding who you are in relationships in order to be the best version of yourself and attract your ideal partner
  • Becoming happier and more fulfilled
  • No longer feeling a mixture of happiness and envy as you watch friends settle down
  • Feeling more confident, assured and empowered
  • Finding someone special to share things with 

As a relationship coach, Rachael's passion lies in helping you to be the best version of yourself possible and live the life you dream of. She will guide you on your journey of self-discovery to find out exactly who you are and how you can create the kind of life you would love to live, with your perfect match by your side. If your happiness and contentment is something you want to commit to and you'd like her to accompany you on the first part of your exciting adventure - now is the time to get in touch with her and begin to change your world.

If you are fed up with your current situation and are looking for a little support in finding out what's going on for you and why you're still single, here is where you can start finding reasons, answers and most importantly, solutions. 

Rachael works with women who are successful in most areas of life but can't seem to figure out why their relationships aren't working out in the way they hoped.

Here's what she says: 'I know that you want to meet the love of your life. I know what it would it mean to you to have someone to share wonderful moments with you or just look after you when you are feeling ill or down. I know that you are sick to death of feeling like the only person without a plus one at weddings and celebrations.
I focus on helping you explore yourself and your patterns of behaviour in relationships. By doing this you'll develop a greater awareness of yourself and increase your self esteem so you can love yourself first. This in turn will allow you to love and be loved - the basis of all satisfying and successful relationships. I truly believe that by developing your awareness of yourself and working on your self worth, you will be empowered to become the best version of yourself so that you can attract the partner and the relationship, you deserve. I also work with people who are currently in a relationship but are feeling dissatisfied or unhappy. I can help you to work out what's going on in order to move forward with confidence in whatever direction you believe is best. Today is the perfect day to begin creating the life you desire!'

Have a look at the testimonials of some of the women she has worked with who have done just that:

'I contacted Rachael after a series of unsuccessful dates. I decided I needed to change the way I was doing things. Her course has helped me to look at myself and what I want for my future. Lots of things have come up along the way which Rachael has helped me work through. The course requires effort and self-examination. Support from Rachael is always on hand. The main thing I would say is that I now look positively at my future. I was in a rush to meet someone. Now I am prepared to wait until I meet someone worth committing to. I believe that will happen. This has been the best money I've ever spent! It's a process which in itself is tremendously worthwhile. It's not a 'product' to me in that I am not buying an end product. It's worth it for the process I'm going through. Thank you.'   Catherine

'The biggest challenge I faced in 2016 which is when I started my sessions with Rachael, was that I had turned 40 the year prior and taken a three month sabbatical through the summer. So far, so privileged! However even after just my first two sessions with Rachael, I think I had hit the nail on the head. With her help to focus my thoughts I realised that I had lost focus on my life and with the milestone of turning 40 and achieving a goal that I had been working towards since I turned 30 having taken up most/all of my thoughts combined with a successful career, I hadn't really focused enough on me. I was sceptical at first but it felt good to discuss, identify and work through issues in a structured way with Rachael asking questions encouraging me to answer truthfully and look at my life and consider what and how to change it for the positive. Although at first I felt exposed emotionally I did feel as though I was in safe hands with someone I could trust and thought was credible. Over the course of the few weeks Rachael helped me identify the areas I needed to work on and continue to work on. Rachael helped me to take on the elusive work/life balance and actually make positive changes including a decision to relocate from London to Manchester. With the reading materials and course videos I was encouraged to develop my mindset to a more positive one and employ that on a day to day basis and realise the power of that. What Rachael really excelled at was asking very pertinent, personal yet sensitive questions that helped me come to my own conclusions but once I had put those thoughts out there, she helped me organise them and also address any issues that came to light including low self-esteem and a sense of being lost. She introduced coping mechanisms and helped with analysing why past relationships hadn't worked out. What I learned is that it isn't just about relationships but how I view myself. Writing the journals and reading the recommended text at first felt alien and time consuming but actually it really helped build on those things I need to work on and identify when I was having a good or a bad day. Grasping the coping mechanisms and employing them in everyday life, realising why I needed closure and how to try and feel more positively about my last relationship ending was and is a game changer. I'm actually looking forward to dating again! What's fallen into place for me is that this is a process and not a quick fix. What Rachael did was provide a catalyst for positive change in my life that involved careful consideration, thought and work. It's not just about finding The One but putting the best version of myself out there and being open to every possibility. Hopefully the by-product of this in the future will be a successful, fulfilling relationship!'   Marjory B

Finding Mr Darcy – Online Coaching Course

• 8 videos explaining key ideas and concepts to aid your understanding of yourself and how you came to be the person you are today
• 8 journaling assignments designed to help you gain a clearer picture of yourself and your situation
• A number of activities/worksheets designed to help you focus on your goals and achieve them more easily
• Membership to a private online Facebook group
• A guide to helpful and interesting resources to support you on your journey (eg books, websites, blogs)

The Modules
Module 1 - Setting your Intentions
Module 2 - Your Future Self
Module 3 - Self Concept
Module 4 - Self Love and Conditions of Worth
Module 5 - Developing and Using Your New Self Awareness
Module 6 - Transactional Analysis – how we interact with people
Module 7 - Attachment Styles
Module 8 - Next Steps

Usually £997
BETA price: 3 payments of £147
register for GoCardless payment here:  

Rachael says: 'I don't believe in gimmicks – this course is based on the knowledge I have gained through my experience as a counsellor, studies and practice. Not shallow ‘American’ crap about flirting techniques or how to ‘drive him wild with one text’ etc. It’s about a real transformation from the inside. I only want to work with committed, motivated people who want to take action.'

Further details here:
By Cheranne Hack 30 Nov, 2017
My tips are relatively simple one but if you add them to your daily routine you will notice a difference in the way how your body feels. 


  • Drink more - WATER 💦 
  • Stretch regularly - add few stretches to your morning routine. 
  • Exercise - why not do few squads each time to go to the bathroom? 


  • If you suffer with anxiety you may find that things like meditation, mindfulness, visualisation work for you. 
  • Movement is importnant but you need to make sure that you do it in the way your body and mind are happy - try candlelit yoga or small exercise groups. 
  • And finally - make sure that you educate yourself. The monster that we know is less scary than the one that we do not know!

By Cheranne Hack 30 Nov, 2017

How many online groups do you belong to? 10, 15, 100? They are so popular these days (thanks to Facebook and LinkedIn) and there’s definitely a group for everyone but how on earth can you get the most from them?

I’ll hold my hands up. I belong to too many. I cannot possibly keep up with what’s going on in them all and really, I might as well not be in about half of them. If I was the Group Admin, I’d probably like me to leave because I’m not bringing much to the party! But, it’s hard… when I try to have a cull, I find myself suffering from ‘fomo’ (Fear Of Missing Out!) so in I stay.

If it was an offline group, you know, a real-life group where I had to actually show up, this behaviour would be unacceptable and I’d be quite unpopular! Hanging about, not saying anything, just lurking. It’s not a pleasant way to carry on, is it?

By Cheranne Hack 28 Nov, 2017

A nut roast is of course the default for a vegan or vegetarian Christmas dinner. Does it really have to be that somewhat dried up slab of something like softened chip board? No, of course it doesn’t. This set of Christmas dinner suggestions are bursting with colour, vibrancy, protein and nutritional punch. At the same time, you will not be asking for seconds, I guarantee it. Neither will you be reaching for the mince pies by the time the Queen has said her Christmas day piece. You will be, to be frank, stuffed!

So, there’s a few ingredients in here you probably won’t have in stock everyday, but hey it’s Christmas right?

To serve 4-6 people

For the nut loaf:

  • 200g red lentils
  • 1 red onion finely chopped
  • 50g sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, drained and chopped (hang on to the oil!)
  • 2 large cloves of crushed garlic
  • 50g dried cranberries
  • 100g chopped mixed nuts
  • 100g of chopped chestnuts
  • 50g of mixed seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, linseed, flaxseed etc.)
  • 1.5 tsp of dried herb de Provençe
  • 1sp maple syrup
  • 1 medium carrot finely grated
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp sweet, smoked paprika
  • Sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste.


1. Cook the red lentils in plenty of boiling water for 15 minutes until soft, drain with a mesh sieve.

2. Heat the reserved oil from the sun-dried tomatoes in a sauté pan and cook the onions for 5 minutes until they just brown. Add all the other ingredients except the dried herbs and spices and stir well to combine. Add the dried herbs, spices and salt and pepper.

3. Line a large loaf tin (approximately20cm x 10cm) with baking paper. Spoon the mixture into the tin and spread evenly with the back of a fork. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees, gas mark 4 for around 55 minutes. Test by inserting sharp knife or skewer, which should come out clean when the loaf is cooked. Allow to rest for 5 minutes before turning the loaf out and slicing.

Loaf topping:

This can be prepared in advance, reheated and added to the top of the loaf after baking.

  • 250g of chestnut mushrooms
  • 250g of baby leaf spinach
  • 1 sweet potato, baked and mashed
  • A good squeeze of lemon juice
  • A pinch of nutmeg
  • A few good twists of freshly ground black pepper
  • A few dried cranberries, soaked in boiling water for 5 minutes to soften
  • A few whole walnuts
  • A handful of pomegranate seeds
  • A handful of fresh parsley roughly chopped


1. Pop the sweet potato in the oven with the nut roast and bake for 30-35 minutes in its skin until soft.

2. Sauté the mushrooms in a cooking oil of your choice for around 5 minutes until they brown, turn of the heat and toss in the spinach until it wilts staring together with the mushrooms at the same time. Scape the cooked potato into the pan, mashing with the spatula as you go. Add the lemon juice, black pepper and nutmeg and stir to combine. Spread the mixture in a thick layer onto the nut loaf and decorate with the cranberries, walnuts pomegranate and half the roughly chopped parsley.

3. Arrange the topped nut loaf on a warmed serving platter and surround with roasted vegetables (carrots, parsnips, squashes, potatoes, celeriac, swede even a few cherry tomatoes etc.) and your winter greens – broccoli, purple sprout tops, sprouts, black kale (cavalo nero), fine green beans etc. and serve with a jug of rich onion and red wine gravy. Toss the remains parsley over the vegetables.

Bon appetit!

By Cheranne Hack 10 Nov, 2017
It had been 25 years since I was last Tamil Nadu, South East India, as a fresh faced, green behind the ears 22 year old yogini completing my diploma in yoga therapy. My days back then were spent on an ashram so I actually saw very little of this once powerful Dravidian nation and since then Tamil Nadu has become more and more accessible with some wonderful properties opening and the infrastructure of this fascinating state improving beyond measure.

A direct flight to Chennai (Madras) is a joy though the 3 am arrival & 2 hours standing at immigration – an unfortunate coincidence that I arrived at the e-visa desks at the same time as a group of 40 Japanese tourists – is less so. After a quick rest and wash at the Taj Fisherman’s Cove about an hour south from the city it was off to Pondicherry on the South East coast for a couple of days.

Pondicherry has a fascinating French history from colonialism to the “soldars” ((dalits – the untouchable caste) who left Pondicherry to settle in France after partition, the majority joining the French Foreign Legion), temples, catholic churches with bling beyond anything Latin America has to offer, the Sri Auribindo Ashram and Auroville. I spent my time with the wonderful Bishuwajit Banik (Bishu) – a knowledgeable, interesting, quirky and, above all, funny guide who took me around on the back of his Royal Enfield motorbike.

While Pondicherry was first settled in 1674 by the French East India Company it was regularly annexed by both the Dutch and the British but was returned to France in 1814. When the British gained control of the whole of India in the late 1850s they allowed the French to retain their settlements in the country and even after partition in 1947 the French remained in power in Pondicherry until 1954 and full ratification didn’t happen until 1962.

There is a very obvious European touch to the city’s architecture with some beautiful and elegant examples of Franco-Tamil buildings in the French Quarter but in the Northern Tamil part of town the usual hubbub of stalls, workshops and markets still reigns. Sadly many of the old buildings are in a shocking state of disrepair but still retain much beauty.

The Catholic influence is strong throughout the town and the fabulous Basilica of the Sacred Heart (which was built for low caste Christian worshippers as caste apartheid even in churches existed) is decorated with some wonderfully gaudy murals and icons and even has its own Our Lady of Lourdes miracle corner outside complete with plastic goats and flashing lights. Utterly fantastic.

Not to be outdone on the technicolour interiors the Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Devasthanam Temple, dedicated to Ganesh, is a riot of colours and deities and also has Lakshmi – the blessing elephant. I’m always very dubious about animals being used like this but Lakshmi has been at the Temple for 18 years since she was 3 and seemed quite calm and at ease despite the enormous crowds wanting to give her money and guavas in return for a blessing (Laksmi is the goddess of wealth so I need say no more).
By Cheranne Hack 02 Nov, 2017
Are you guilty of uttering the phrase 'I'm not a morning person'?  I am. However, that doesn't have to be the case. It's all about mindset. To put this theory to the test, I asked some of the iwork4u Tribe members to share their morning routines and give you tips on how to have a better start to each day...

1. The best morning routines actually start before you go to bed so an evening routine is essential to the sustainable success of a morning routine.. No screens at least 30 mins before bed and put your phone on airplane mode so that when you get up you are not tempted to look at the mass of notifications you have waiting for you . Lay everything out that you will need for your morning routine for example put your running shoes by the front door and put your alarm on top of your running kit so you have to get up to switch off your alarm - this one is a little mean but it works :-) Don't get hung up on the time you get up - if you have worked until later allow yourself to get up a little later to ensure you get enough rest. You will be far less productive if you are tired. It's not about when you get up but HOW you get up. Gratitude - if you really can't face getting out from under the duvet allow yourself to lay there and think of 5 things you are grateful for - doesn't have to be anything grand or 'worthy' and may be as simple as i am truly grateful to have this warm bed! :-) After the gratitudes get up.  Heather Angell, Heather Angell Coaching

2. Don't check your phone before 9am; this will give you some headspace and allow you to focus on the now.   Kat Shayler, Sharpfox Social
By Sali Green 18 Oct, 2017
This week I went for my 2nd appointment at Arnica Dental Care , this time to see the hygienist. I'm happy to say I no longer have anxiety about going to the dentist or hygienist, so for anyone who is slightly or severely phobic, I can assure you that the team at Arnica is very understanding and gentle. Before long you won't have even a flutter of fear about going.

Tips I find useful for anxiety about going to the dentist or hygienist:
1) Don't eat for a couple of hours beforehand - this helps you be able to open your mouth more easily without fear of gagging.
2) Have a calm hour before you go. If you're into meditation, this is perfect for balancing and quieting your mind in preparation.
3) Don't have coffee or other forms of caffeine (these can heighten feelings of anxiety).
4) Rinse often during your treatment, it breaks up the amount of time your mouth is being inspected or your teeth being cleaned.
5) Use 'tapping', otherwise known as EFT, on your fingers during your appointment. (I do mine by pressing into the corner of the fingernails rather than actually tapping the fingers. Let me know if you want a video demonstration of this!) Here's a quick YouTube I found on tapping:

Let me know how you get on!
By Cheranne Hack 04 Oct, 2017

There’s a knock at my door, it’s a delivery. I wasn’t aware I had ordered anything, let me think..ah, is it that time again already?! It's the precious, petite box of pure joy I’ve been eagerly waiting for, and it’s not a day too late! I tear into the paper, I can smell the warm, soft sweetness alluding to what’s inside this month. I find the signature note from the crafter of these little creations, then carefully open the box (so not to disturb the contents) to take a peak inside, with as much excitement as if receiving a puppy on Christmas morning! 

Sitting there I see nine individually wrapped chocolates. My very own, personalised smooth chocolate truffles created just for me! ‘Chocolates?’ you may think, ‘All that anticipation for a box of chocolates?!’ Well, I say unapologetically, yes! These aren’t just any high street chocolates, nor were they mindlessly ordered online - popped in the basket and paid for without a second thought. No, these OMmaZing bite-sized pieces of heaven were purposefully chosen by me and thoughtfully made for me.

I must resemble a wild bore snuffling in the undergrowth for a seasonal truffle rummage, eyes rolled back, digging in to these in utter delight! I can’t just stop at one, you see, it’s a problem (but one I’m not willing to change). I’ve heard there are others who suffer the same happy addiction. I think Daniella could create a self-help group for us called 'OMmaZing's Anonymous'? No? Well it sounds as if the amazingly Exclusive VIP Chocolate Club is the only other alternative then!

Chocolate Club is the perfect option for those of us who eat chocolate more regularly than to celebrate our own birthday. Especially if you treat yourself to chocolate at least once a month and consider yourself a healthy eater with a sweet tooth; desiring to know even the ingredients in your ice cream. I love chocolate but I don’t eat it too often, so when I do, I like my choice to be something I can take my sweet time to delight and indulge in. Chocolate Club is clearly the answer!

What I love about Chocolate Club, is that as well as it conveniently saves a trip to the supermarket to stock up on a couple of bars (which I’m not fussed about but eat anyway), I get to choose my own favourite fillings from a vast selection of flavours, right down to the type of chocolate used - from milk to raw cacao. I get the satisfaction of receiving a box just when I’d forgotten all about it, and usually right at a moment when I appreciate them most too. Upon their arrival, it sort of feels like I’m getting a reward or like a present to myself just to say ‘well done you’. I think it’s important to treat yourself sometimes and what better way to do it?

By Cheranne Hack 18 Sep, 2017

Those of you of a certain age may recall that ‘ Don’t Believe The Hype ’ is a half-remembered rap song from some years ago. At that time I was still working in my previous life of advertising and design. It’s a strange industry – obviously it makes its money from clients who have products and services they wish to sell to particular groups of people – and advertising agencies are as much a mainstream business as the clients they work on behalf of. Yet, the creative studios in which I spent many years were populated by very ‘alternative’ people who thought, bought and behaved very differently to the consumers they by and large were employed to influence. I felt quite comfortable there for a long time, but I look back with a certain discomfort on that world now.

Advertising is extremely influential in the highly lucrative and extremely competitive food and drinks industry (although I have never worked on campaigns in those sectors). Think how we have been persuaded to ‘ go to work on an egg ’, or that British Beef, New Zealand (and more recently Welsh) lamb and Danish bacon are somehow better than other counterparts. More recently, food and especially snack food, advertising aimed at children has become a hotly debated political issue. Jamie Oliver is a vociferous campaigner for a 9pm watershed for such advertising as are former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and former Health Secretary Alan Johnson. Yet little has changed. Major food brands have continued to target children with junk food products that dazzle young eyes and create a sense that such products are a normal part of everyday diet.

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