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We love getting to know essential and ethical businesses, and specialise in all things green, eco, lifestyle and local. 
​We're a friendly community based in Gloucestershire that cares about your business journey and wants to see you THRIVE. ​
​Sometimes you just want to know you are supported - we're the people for you! ​
​we get you noticed

​Sali has been connecting people and promoting local businesses and brands for several years. ​She's built up a large social network and local audience in which clients trust her to help raise their profile, connect them and provide social amplification. 
If you're not one to blow your own trumpet, let us do it for you!
meant-to-be marketing

As an advertising client you'll notice a lot of what we do for you and there are also things you won't see ​- that's where the magic happens! The seeds we plant with our own blend of creativity will create a unique butterfly effect for your business.
We are understated and everywhere at the same time.
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The iwork4uglos Directory Members' Pledge
If this is the sort of pledge you agree with, then yours is the kind of business we'd love to promote... 
1. I aim respond to enquiries within 24 working hours. 
2. I provide a high standard of service and customer care. 
3. I aim to be ethical in my business and my choice of products, ingredients and brands.
4. I charge a fair price for my service or products. 
5. I make an effort with self-marketing and take advantage of the iwork4u Community.
6. I use and recommend other businesses from the iwork4u directory where relevant.
7. I like to support and shop local.
8. I understand that iwork4uglos may promote up to 3 of the same kind of business. (With the exception of bars and restaurants. We can have lots of those!)
9. I communicate well and resolve issues as quickly and smoothly as possible.
10. I have a positive attitude and want my business and other ethical businesses to thrive.
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Business Listing

Our Business Listing gives you a bright, attractive directory entry with information about your business, a logo, website link and your contact details. 

We’ll include key terms so that Google and other search engines will direct potential customers to you when they search online. 

£50.00 set up fee Month 1 
£20 per month thereafter (10 places left at this price)

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Top Dog

The Top Dog Experience is available to 12 clients only. 

We recommend at least 6 months promotion
on this package. 

We work with only one Top Dog business per industry sector at a time.
Contact us to learn more.

£150 per month
(1 place left at this price)
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