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Sali Green
creator of iwork4u lifestyle & business directory
let's discuss working 4 u!
This website is dedicated to my Nanna. Thank you for making it possible for me to leave my job and grow my own business. 
Your unconditional love and support gave me the best start anyone could wish for. Sal xx
founder & social marketing
office manager & wondergirl

iwork4u is a local lifestyle & business directory where most of the people we recommend are people we know / whose services or products we have used / tasted / experienced ourselves, or who have been recommended by someone we trust who has used them. It's a vibrant and inclusive community and we love to support local.

Sali Green created the iwork4uglos online directory in 2012 and now widely attracts attention and views, constantly hooking people up with who and what they need. She's gathered skilled and motivated people to work with you; carefully chosen for being genuine, discerning, talented, and delivering excellent results. At time of writing in 2016 we are getting over 1000 views a day on our websites and another thousand on our social media platforms. More importantly we are bringing our clients new customers and connections, and recommending good people, places and services.

​a friendly business community to support you

We love to work with ethical businesses and specialise in all things green, eco, lifestyle and local. We're a friendly community based in Gloucestershire that cares about your business journey and wants to see you THRIVE. ​
Sometimes you just want to know you are supported - we're the community for you! ​

​ethical code

Read about the things we will and won't promote HERE

​the way we work

We promote naturally and intuitively. We're effective, without being techie or stats people. 
​Our stats are good, our views are high, and our grasp of social media is savvy. Trust the process!

​core hours

Obviously there are times when small independent businesses need to keep on working until midnight and there are some times when they log on and start working at 7am. Also they are able to take a few hours off here and there and be flexible. However, here are our core office hours if you would like to know when is the best time to contact us:

Monday ​10am - 3pm
Tuesday ​10am - 3pm
Wednesday ​10am - 5pm
Thursday - closed
Friday 10am - 3pm
Saturday & Sunday - closed
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