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Sali Green
creator of iwork4u lifestyle & business directory
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This website is dedicated to my Nanna. Thank you for making it possible for me to leave my job and grow my own business. 
Your unconditional love and support gave me the best start anyone could wish for. Sal xx
founder & social marketing

what do we do?
- help people find what they want
- connect people
- promote local businesses

iwork4u is a local lifestyle & business directory where most of the people we recommend are people we know / whose services or products we have used / tasted / experienced ourselves, or who have been recommended by someone we trust who has used them. 
It's a vibrant and inclusive community and we love to support YOU.

Sali grew up in Gloucestershire and then moved to London to attend Chelsea College of Art & Design. She stayed in London 10 years where her jobs included running a concession called KoKo Sport at TopMan Oxford Circus, Service Advisor at Citroen City, Project Secretary at Arup Associates Architects and PA to James Burland at BurlandTM. Her more creative roles include a vintage market stall at Cheltenham's Axiom Centre, and R&B/Reggae/Garage DJ. After moving back to Cheltenham Sali worked at The Leukaemia & Intensive Chemotherapy Fund where she was a liaison officer and developed skills with social media and graphic design. She also had a weekly column in The Gloucestershire Echo's Weekend Magazine and still writes a monthly one in The Cheltonian, called Lifestyle with KoKo. 

The skill which has consistently emerged the strongest is connecting people. For example, when a friend said she was selling her home in London Sali sent another friend over to view it, who put an offer in the same day and bought it. She's also introduced people to each other who have become life partners or got married. At least 4 couples so far. A friend once commented that Sali was 'blessed with the gift of connection' and it was something that came so naturally that she formalised it by creating iwork4uglos... 

​a friendly business community to support you

Sali Green created the iwork4uglos online directory in 2012, working on it part time while her main job was caring for her elderly Nanna. 
It now widely attracts attention and views, constantly hooking people up with who and what they want. We can recommend skilled people to work with you, carefully chosen for being genuine, discerning and delivering excellent results. If you'd like to use or be part of a directory and network which gets over 1000 views a day then you've come to the right place. We bring you new connections by recommending good people, places and services to each other.

Are you interested to work with ethical businesses and love all things green, eco, lifestyle and local? So are we! 
This friendly community based in Gloucestershire cares about your business and lifestyle and wants to see you THRIVE. ​
Sometimes you just want to know you are supported - we're the community for you.

​ethical code

Read about the things we will and won't promote HERE

​the way we work

We promote the people on the directory naturally and intuitively. We're effective, without being techie or stats people. 
​The stats are good, views are high, and we use our grasp of social media for your benefit. Trust the process!

crystal clear expectations

When you search the directory and use services that we endorse, you can be assured that we either know them and their reputation personally, or we have checked their testimonials and believe them to be of the high standard that we're proud to recommend to you. If you're not completely satisfied with someone you've found through us, please let us know and we'll pass the feedback on so that they can ensure it is solved for you. 

When you join the directory to have your business listed and promoted, we're crystal clear about what we provide for your money. 
Our motto is 'under promise and over deliver'. The rest is up to you!
​core hours

Obviously there are times when small independent businesses keep on working until midnight and there are some times when they log on and start working at 7am. Also they're able to take a few hours off here and there and be flexible. 
Here are our core office hours so that you know when is the best time to contact us:

Monday ​10am - 3pm
Tuesday ​10am - 3pm
Wednesday ​10am - 5pm
Thursday - closed
Friday 10am - 3pm
Saturday & Sunday - closed
The iwork4u app!

Here's how to add iwork4uglos froggie to your home screen so that you can always find what you want in Gloucestershire.
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