I’ve recently had an epiphany about the way I run Carhelpers, and I feel it’s important to share my revelation with you. Perhaps it’s due to my admittedly heartfelt approach to work, or that I’ve gained some fresh perspective on life and what matters most to me. Either way, things are changing for the better here at Carhelpers and I want to tell you why; you simply decide what my service is worth to you.

Let me explain…

As many of you know, my interest in cars is more of an obsession and from a young age I knew I would work in the industry. Being a car adviser has been the perfect career choice for me. I am able to combine my love for cars whilst striving to provide reliable and impartial advice. Working in the motor trade is the ideal opportunity for me to help people find the right car for them, whilst also saving them from being sold the wrong car.

The majority of sales people are genuine, caring individuals who only have your best interest at heart. I don’t believe there is anything wrong in selling if you are transparent and honest about what you are selling, although sadly there are those that see pound signs as soon as you enter their office. A customer often approaches buying a car from a very defensive standpoint, being wary that they are going to be miss-sold a motor that could be a drain on their resources; both financially and emotionally.

Honest, personable salesmen like Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy are examples to us all, often preaching the belief that you should never sell anything that you wouldn’t sell to your own mother. Some people even like to by cars with faults and fix them to sell on – which I totally stand by!

tnxrftxi9di-cristian-newmanHowever, I feel slightly cynical about the way the motor industry seems to have become a commercial conglomerate of companies vying for your business, with staff taught to use every tactic in the book to ensure you part ways with your cash for their commission. I’ve grown so very dissatisfied with the current climate and question why business appears to be governed only by making money.

To me, my work is not simply about money; which in itself doesn’t ever offer any other satisfaction besides providing material needs. My service is run from my heart, not for my bank account. I love sharing my knowledge about cars and hope to give it to whoever needs it.

Innocent customers unaware of the unethical, methodical ploys planned before their appointment in the forecourt should be spared from signing away their consumer rights and satisfaction. I want to save them from being treated as a profitable opportunity; in my eyes, you are an individual in need of honest, unique advice, which doesn’t come from a script.

saaba4z8ofu-david-straightSince becoming a husband and father, I’ve grown as a person and realised something important about life – family matters. You and I, we all have family of some kind that we love and care about. The thought of my own family falling victim to daylight robbery is unbearable, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone else’s either. Living simply to make money is quite frankly very superficial and not something I want to model to my son, or to my customers and their families.

My time and attention always comes first, and I don’t wish to live by offering my help with a price tag. I listen, I advise, I help, and hopefully you’re happy. If not, I’ll work with you until you are, without pressure of commitment; just a mutual admiration and respect for each other.

I want to change the general perception of the motor industry by leading the way with integrity, showing our clients how we do things at Carhelpers. A successful business cares about its customers, and their needs come first. We are not commercial, heartless representatives in a suit and tie – we are just like you.

1911215_412672022202445_847545904_oSo how am I planning to banish this stigma? By offering my advice to you without a price. I help you, I provide the service you need, and you offer what you think is fair. If you’re happy, you can reflect that in your payment and I’ll respect and appreciate that. Do what you think is right and it won’t be wrong. I believe that by doing this, you will not only be guaranteed to receive a service that surpasses your expectations, but you are sure to have my continual support and commitment, whilst building a mutual trust and lasting friendship.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here at Carhelpers for an honest, impartial advice service that you can trust. I really can and really will help you find the car of your dreams, whilst helping you avoid the nightmares.

By Paul Montagu